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About Dieting

OK, I’m not going to go to in depth on this as basically no one cares about someone else’s diet unless they are their doctor or personal trainer.  I am just going to say that I have been trying to do Intermittent Fasting as it has worked well for me in the past, but that was back when I did not work out much.  Now that I am working out daily and fairly strenuously, I think I may be hurting myself by eating too little.  Most of my previous calculations with Wolfram Alpha were based on a sedentary lifestyle which I am happy to say doesn’t really describe me anymore.  Granted I am not super active because my job sits me in front of a computer most of the day, but at least I am burning a lot of calories in the gym.  So I will probably keep the Bulletproof Hot Chocolate for breakfast as it is easy and helps me think throughout the day, but I am going to move back to full healthy lunches and dinners with the occasional protein shake supplement.  This means I will have to start tracking what I eat a bit more diligently to ensure I am getting enough protein, but I will be able to eat with friends and be a bit more normal as well.

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Wow, I am REALLY sore. Not gonna say I have never been more sore because that would probably not be true, but I am really sore from yesterday.  I suppose with great Accomplishments comes great Soreness. Winking smile I like it.

Anyway, I am going to start logging my meals here as well as a way to keep myself on track or at least hold myself accountable.  I think I will break those out from the workout daily updates but most of them will be the same.  Bulletproof Hot Chocolate for breakfast, Protein Shake for lunch, high protein/calorie diner, protein shake after workout.  That should give me enough calories each day to not go into starvation mode but be low enough to keep me losing weight.

I used Wolfram Alpha to chart the least amount of calories I can eat each day based on my metabolic rate.  It looks like 1703 is the low number for someone my age/height/weight/activity level. 


I will probably aim for between 1703 and 2000 each day.  The only way to maintain that while doing intermittent fasting is to plan it meticulously.  But all I need to plan is the one large meal per day.  The BHC has 424 calories and each protein shake has 320 calories x2.  I will eat one Oatmega bar for 190 calories or a couple beef sticks for 200 calories. Thus, I already have 1254-1264 calories accounted for. So I need to eat a high protein meal for dinner with between 450-750 calories.  Should be simple enough to plan.  But execution will be challenging.  Additionally, I am trying to keep all my caloric intake between 2-8pm.  That is tough when I workout so late and thus have my protein shake at 9 or 10, but I think stretching it from 2-10 should be ok.  Just need to try to get to the Gym as early after I put my daughter to bed as possible.  Anyway, let’s see how I do.

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Day 0…Another new beginning…

So, another new year and another promise to myself that I will get in shape. It seems almost pointless after so many failed attempts, but I suppose if I don’t try then it will only get worse. I find that I am motivated by documentation and gamification. I purchased a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2 and I am happy with the Apple Fitness program that is built into it. It seems somewhat limited in scope (cannot track weight training) but it is nice for tracking daily activity and cardio workouts. It also adds the game feeling to it by implementing achievements. There are 3 activity rings for Move (calories burned), Exercise (self-explanatory), and Stand (at least 1 minute out of an hour). The default settings mine gave me were 550cal for Move, 30 minutes for Exercise, and 12 hours for Stand. I believe the Move one is the only target that is adjustable and I will be increasing it steadily until I find a realistic goal. This is just the first in a series of posts and I will try to update daily with my progress and any achievements I earn along the way. I will update my weight weekly and measurements on a monthly basis so I can keep track of my progress. Wish me luck.