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Day 18

Had a good day today.  I got to sleep in really late and although my upper back, shoulders and both sides of my neck are sore as hell from my accident, I actually feel quite good.  My lower back seems better than it was yesterday, so hopefully that will go away without any issue.  Apparently, because I did not see the impact coming I did not tense up my muscles so they should not have as much of an issue recovering.  Can’t really help the whiplash though.  Getting hit by someone going ~40mph is going to do that to you.  Anyway, Had an amazing dinner tonight of Pork Steaks (they call them pork chops but these things are massive) at Perry’s in downtown Austin with my wife and a few of our friends.  It was amazing.  I then went up to the gym and did the Arc Trainer for 22 minutes to finalize my perfect week of fitness on the Apple Watch.  It is nice that the Arc Trainer is low impact so I can do it despite my soreness and still get my heart rate up.  Anyway, here are my stats and Achievements galore!


Below is a visual of my rings since getting my Apple Watch.  I have only missed 2 and one of them was not possible because I did not get my watch set up until after noon that day.  Luckily the Exercise ring I missed will not make me miss getting my perfect move month. Winking smile


Shake: No
Wake: No, weekend
Bed2AM: Yes
Sodas: No
Alcohol: Yes, couple glasses of wine with dinner
CO: Nope

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