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Day 13

Had a decent day today.  I filled all my rings before even going to the gym which was convenient since my wife was not feeling well and asked me to stay home.  I was kinda disappointed as it prevents me from getting my perfect exercise week for a second week in a row, but she asked me not to go.  As they say in the military, Happy wife, Happy life. Winking smile But anyway.  I managed to get my streak accomplishment for Day 14.  Not sure how it got to 14 when I only see 13, but perhaps it counts better than I do. I am not complaining.  That is one less day til I get my 100 achievement.  If I don’t miss any days, I should get that on April 7th.  I am not holding my breath that that will be possible as I have vacation in there, but I will do my best.


I ate mostly healthy today.  Might have had some tasty cheddar and caramel popcorn but only a few handfuls. (really..I swear…).  Anyway, here are my general stuff.

BHC: Yes
Shake: Yes
Wake: Yes
Bed2AM: Real close
Sodas: No
Alcohol: No
CO: Nope

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