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Wow, I am REALLY sore. Not gonna say I have never been more sore because that would probably not be true, but I am really sore from yesterday.  I suppose with great Accomplishments comes great Soreness. Winking smile I like it.

Anyway, I am going to start logging my meals here as well as a way to keep myself on track or at least hold myself accountable.  I think I will break those out from the workout daily updates but most of them will be the same.  Bulletproof Hot Chocolate for breakfast, Protein Shake for lunch, high protein/calorie diner, protein shake after workout.  That should give me enough calories each day to not go into starvation mode but be low enough to keep me losing weight.

I used Wolfram Alpha to chart the least amount of calories I can eat each day based on my metabolic rate.  It looks like 1703 is the low number for someone my age/height/weight/activity level. 


I will probably aim for between 1703 and 2000 each day.  The only way to maintain that while doing intermittent fasting is to plan it meticulously.  But all I need to plan is the one large meal per day.  The BHC has 424 calories and each protein shake has 320 calories x2.  I will eat one Oatmega bar for 190 calories or a couple beef sticks for 200 calories. Thus, I already have 1254-1264 calories accounted for. So I need to eat a high protein meal for dinner with between 450-750 calories.  Should be simple enough to plan.  But execution will be challenging.  Additionally, I am trying to keep all my caloric intake between 2-8pm.  That is tough when I workout so late and thus have my protein shake at 9 or 10, but I think stretching it from 2-10 should be ok.  Just need to try to get to the Gym as early after I put my daughter to bed as possible.  Anyway, let’s see how I do.

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