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Day 11


Man, what a day.  Tons of Achievements today. I went to the gym and did 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer so I got an Achievement for the most calories burned on an exercise after doing it 5 times.  I love how specific those are. Winking smile


I got another Achievement for having a perfect week (Mon-Sun) in each of the rings and one for a perfect week in all three.


I of course got another Achievement for increasing my streak to 11 days of move.


And finally, I got a special Achievement for getting a perfect week during one of the first weeks in 2017.  I am not sure if I can get this every week, but I am certainly going to try.


I can only realistically get 6 other Achievements this month.  I could potentially get 5 of them this week, but I would have to try really hard on at least one day to burn 2200 calories working out in a single day (which would accomplish 4 of the 6 at once).  I am not even sure how healthy that would be, but I will talk to my wife (personal trainer) about it and see what she says.  I might just try to hit the 1650 goal first but I really want to get all the Achievements (of course, there is one in there that takes 1000 move goals to complete! So we will talk again in 3 years).

The first one I should’ve gotten this week if the watch tracked weight training, but it doesn’t so I have to do at least 15 minutes of cardio each day for a week to get it. The next few should be fairly simple.  The perfect month one will be a challenge, but I want it so we will see how I do.  I think I can hit a perfect month.  Hell, I want to get all perfect months from now on.  But that is me 11 days in.  Lets see how I do the first time I come up against a vacation. Winking smile The last 2 are what I was talking about above with hitting 300-400% more than my current move goal of 550cal/day.  I need to get them soon though because once I start upping that move goal they will become unrealistic.


Wow, lots of pictures in this post.  Other than that I had a pretty mellow day.  Got some relaxing done and started planning some new workouts for next week.

BHC: No, slept real late so forgot
Shake: No
Wake: No (weekend)
Bed2AM: No, but only because I am writing this article. Started at 1:45
Sodas: No
Alcohol: No
CO: Yes, cleared desk when doing computer work

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