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Day 9


Had another really good day today!  Continued my Move streak bringing it up to 9 days and doubled my move goal.  I did the Arc Trainer for just over 24 minutes and really thought about walking another 20 to finish the first episode of Timeless but I was pretty worn out so I called it quits.  I think I am going to track additional items on this blog beyond just workouts.  There are quite a few things I want to work on and this seems like it could help me focus.  For now I am going to list a few items I will start tracking each day and why I am tracking them.

Make Bulletproof Hot Chocolate: This is really bad tasting hot chocolate made from water, cacao powder, coconut oil, unsalted grass-fed butter, cinnamon, and vanilla.  I have this in the mornings rather than eating breakfast.  Although it is not very tasty, it helps me stay awake and alert all day long and allows me to do intermittent fasting.

Make Shake for Lunch:  As part of intermittent fasting, I will need to drink a protein shake at around 2pm each day to tide me over to dinner.  This typically has 40 grams of vegan protein and 2 more from a couple scoops of superfoods vegetable/fruit supplement.

Wake up without snoozing: This one is tough and is only applicable on workdays so I won’t address it on weekends. 

Go to bed before 2am: As a follow-on to the last one, I need to get to bed before 2am most nights and before 12am on Wednesdays.

Take Meds AM: Self Explanatory
Take Meds PM: Self Explanatory

Sodas: Breaking my addiction to soft drinks has been incredibly difficult.  It has to happen if I want to get in shape.  Sadly, I do not think that just cutting back or having them occasionally is the answer because I am truly addicted.  I have to go cold turkey and avoid them like the drug that they are if I want to break my habit. Wish me luck…

Alcohol: OK…I am going to fail at this from time to time but that is to be expected.  Amusingly, this is the one I am not addicted to. I will track this to make sure I am not replacing sodas with cider but I am not going to hold myself to a no alcohol standard like I am with sodas.

Clean Office: This has to be an ongoing process.  If I make it a point to clean up at least some of my office each day then it will eventually be organized and then stay that way.  It may take a while, but it is worth doing.

There are a few other things I am working on, but I think these are the main ones I will be tracking on this blog.  The chart will look like the one below (Which is accurate for today).

BHC: Yes
Shake: Yes
Wake: No, snoozed many times
Bed2AM: Yes (Going to bed shortly after posting this)
Sodas: No (In this case No is the good answer)
Alcohol: No
CO: Yes, Bagged all trash

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