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Day 8


Apparently, according to Apple it takes 8 days to make a streak.  So even though I did not hit my Exercise ring on Sunday, I still got an Achievement for Longest Move Streak today.  I suppose I will get that every day from now on assuming I do not miss a move goal.  That is nice and a good incentive not to miss my goal.  That is pretty easy right now, but I am going to start increasing the Move goal at the end of each week so it will become more challenging.  I don’t want it to be ridiculous or anything, but slowly getting it into the 1000-1500 range will be a good thing for me.  I will take it slow at first so I am used to going to the gym every day and then start increasing it a few hundred at a time each week til I hit a good number.  I also got an Achievement since I used the stair-stepper for the first time today.  That thing sucks.  My wife said I shouldn’t do that any more until I am in better shape and I am not going to argue.  She is a personal trainer so I trust her on these things. I did some lower body weights after that but I was pretty sore from the stairs so I probably only did 10-15 minutes and then gave up.

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