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Day 0…Another new beginning…

So, another new year and another promise to myself that I will get in shape. It seems almost pointless after so many failed attempts, but I suppose if I don’t try then it will only get worse. I find that I am motivated by documentation and gamification. I purchased a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2 and I am happy with the Apple Fitness program that is built into it. It seems somewhat limited in scope (cannot track weight training) but it is nice for tracking daily activity and cardio workouts. It also adds the game feeling to it by implementing achievements. There are 3 activity rings for Move (calories burned), Exercise (self-explanatory), and Stand (at least 1 minute out of an hour). The default settings mine gave me were 550cal for Move, 30 minutes for Exercise, and 12 hours for Stand. I believe the Move one is the only target that is adjustable and I will be increasing it steadily until I find a realistic goal. This is just the first in a series of posts and I will try to update daily with my progress and any achievements I earn along the way. I will update my weight weekly and measurements on a monthly basis so I can keep track of my progress. Wish me luck.


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